genevieve_malouindiraddo_headshot_f3c2872f2a4a91899ded5a474777bec2Genevieve Malouin-Diraddo is a freelance Graphic Designer. She was a life-long resident of Vaudreuil-Soulanges (QC) until she moved to Alexandria last year with her husband and three boys. She went from a suburban cookie-cutter house to a 15-acre hobby farm and never looked back. Her family now shares their space with two elderly ponies, a couple of alpacas, and a handful of laying hens.

Genevieve spent five years as a medic in the Canadian Forces where she met her husband in 1999. She also did Ceremonial Guard on Parliament hill.

In 2008 she enrolled in a three-year college program to improve her Graphic Design skills while her third son was only 2 months old.

A vegetarian and animal welfare advocate, Genevieve began her interest in a more sustainable way of life when her children were born. Concerned for her boys’ futures, she began changing her lifestyle and teaching her children about steps that everyone can take at home to help the environment. She preaches “Reduce, reuse and recycle” and she educates those around her on ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Genevieve became even more conscientious about agriculture, organic options, and healthy, local plant-based food when she discovered that one of her boys was autistic. She now explores the benefits of alternative medicine and nutrition and the potential risks and dangers of GMO’s, pesticides, artificial flavors and preservatives. She shares her knowledge in hopes to help make the world a healthier place.

Genevieve Malouin-Diraddo is excited to represent The Green Party of Canada in the riding of Glengarry–Prescott–Russell.